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The Albatroz HotelThe Albatroz Hotel

Clean and Safe establishment

The Albatroz Hotel (RNET nº 7307) registered its declaration of compliance with the rules that allow it to advertise itself as a Clean and Safe Establishment according to Tourism of Portugal.

The Hotel
The Albatroz Hotel, following all the recommendations of the Portuguese Health department and Tourism of Portugal, will reopen the Hotel on June 15th with all the rigor and flexibility of services, in order to provide to all our customers the Safety, Hygiene, and Wellness conditions during the period of their stays.

Staff training
The Albatroz Hotel staff received all the necessary training so that all safety procedures are applied in accordance with the standards recommended by public health authorities (O.M.S. and D.G.S.). Employees who have direct contact with the customer will always wear visors and/or masks and will apply all the necessary measures for their own well-being, as well as for all those who visit us.

The protocol

•    Sufficient personal protective equipment for all workers;
•    Stock of single-use cleaning materials proportional to Hotel dimensions, including single-use cleaning wipes moistened with disinfectant, bleach, and alcohol at 70º;
•    Washing and disinfection, in accordance with the internal protocol for the surfaces where employees and customers circulate, ensuring the control and prevention of infections and resistance to anti-bacterial;
•    Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection in public spaces, with a focus on the reception desk, elevators, and elevator buttons, door handles, public bathrooms and room keys;
•    Dispensers of alcohol-based antiseptic solution or alcohol-based solution distributed in all common areas of the Hotel and Hotel, next to the entry/exit points, and whenever applicable per floor;
•    In the sanitary facilities, the equipment for washing hands will be with liquid soap and paper towels;
•    The air renovation of rooms and closed spaces is done regularly;
•    In the spaces where employees work, we increased the frequency of cleaning, such as employee entrances, changing rooms, laundry, and offices.

Bar and Restaurant
•    Hotel Bar and Restaurant are limited by number of people, with a distance between tables whenever necessary;
•    Breakfast is still in the restaurant, but only served à la carte. A Mise en Place with bread / pastries, ham, cheese, butters, coffee, tea will be placed on each table, but all the hot dishes must be ordered and prepared individually.

In the rooms
•    In the rooms you can find two disposable masks, closed in a vacuum, for your personal use;
•    All rooms follow the appropriate cleaning and disinfection protocols with the products defined for that;
•    The washing of employees' uniforms and bedding/towels is done by machine at high temperatures (60 degrees).

There will be a collaborator/staff responsible for triggering all procedures in case of suspected infection (accompanying the person with symptoms to the isolation space, providing the necessary assistance, and contacting the national health service). The Hotel will keep a room available for any positive or suspected case of COVID-19.